AWAL DARI KISAH YANG LAIN Desain cover oleh Daniela Triani   Kata Pengantar Kisah-kisah Problematika Gender yang Manga-esque   Buku ini adalah ruang-waktu yang kami ciptakan supaya teman-teman mahasiswa Sastra Jepang, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Universitas Brawijaya, yang terlibat di dalamnya memiliki kesempatan untuk berkarya mengartikulasikan pengalaman dan pemahaman mereka akan gender dan problematika yang ada tentang gender tersebut. Tentu teori-teori gender itu mereka dapatkan di dalam kelas. Dalam kesempatan ini, diharapkan para mahasiswa mampu mem- break down dan mengartikulasikan teori tersebut melalui sebuah kisah (fiksi) yang lebih dekat dengan mereka. Tentu saja pembahasan mengenai gender ini selalu menarik dan selalu terbuka akan berbagai macam kemungkinan. Kisah tentang gender yang dihadirkan oleh teman-teman mahasiswa Sastra Jepang ini sungguh menarik; ada kisah yang menelusuri problematika gender itu di ranah yang paling privat—ketika seseorang mempertanyakan identitas gende

What Is Money?

What Is Money?

I take a walk around the town. Here is so crowded. Voice is everywhere and pollutes the atmosphere. There is no silent place even though in my room. There is always traffic jam. Seems that everyone gets out to the down town to celebrate New Year eve. What the hell is this? Everyone is running after the money.

Money is just the way to buy the needs, but when money becomes the aim of itself, everything is unreason! How can people here think about humanity? They even cannot think but about money, how to get and possess it as much as they can! This is the place where people waste the life. Their life is meaningless but gaining money. This is not the place to make love; this is the place to make money.

I remember when I was a teenager, I asked a silly question to my economy teacher, “Why does man create money?” I thought that when there is no money, life must be easier. My teacher answered that money is the tool to exchange. While Marx had ever said that money alienates human. Now I realize that money serves human’s greed, not only need. Is it so? Or, is it human that serves money by greed?

That is metaphysic question I asked. The truth is, without money, I can’t eat, I can’t drink, even in some kind of situation I can’t breathe. What makes human differ from animal? Human’s got money! Do you think so? Do you think that money makes people be a human? Not at all.
Money is important since it’s been the system we may live within. Nowadays this system is advanced, for example you may see e-banking, credit card, etc. But, this system is only for our body and soul. Is it also for our spirit? We see many priests ask some money for redemption, merit, and the pleasure of heaven. It is bull shit, Cuk!!! I guarantee that they have say nonsense. Redemption and heaven have nothing to do with money. (And, I myself don’t believe with merit.)

Here I give you another paradox of life: without money you can’t live cultured and civilized since it’s been the system, but to do live you need no money indeed. Just enjoy the day.

Batavia, July 29th 2011
Padmo Adi