Between Pets and Family

Between Pets and Family
-Padmo Adi-

Human being has ratio, body, emotion, and heart. In the life human tries to develop them consciously or not. By developing them, human leads all of humanity, include affection. There are many ways to lead an affection. One of them is taking care of pets. But, actually, taking care of pets are a waste of time, money, and affection that would be better directed toward our family, our children.
We, human, spend 24 hours a day. We spend many times to work (or study) and all activities we want/have to do. When we have spare time and have pets, we will spend it to take care of them. It is fun and can relax our stressed mind. It really is as long as we are single. But, when we have family, more over we have children, will we have enough time to them if we have spent a lot of time for our pets? It is much better if we spend it together with our family. Family needs us much more than just pets.
In the first day of month we get payment. We use it to support our living in a month. We also use it to feed our pets if we have. How much do we use? Why don’t we use it to have a picnic with our family? Pets won’t say thanks or grow up well to bring the better tomorrow. But, our children, our educated-well children –for education is gotten not only in school–, will bring the better tomorrow to the whole world as they are.
It is fun to play with pets. They accept our affection. But, do they grow up well? If we are alone and still single, giving affection to pets is good. But, if we have family, it is better to give it to our family, especially our children. We realize that having good affection makes someone grow up well. Also our children have to have good affection education. It is not always given in school. The parents, we, have to give it. So, how can we give it if we have already given to our pets?
If we are still single and lonesome, having pets can help us. But, if we have family, it is much better not to have pets because our family needs us more than just pets.